Finish Choices

Finishes Choices

Our custom cabinetry is available in an unfinished state, sanded with a fine grit paper, ready for you or your painter to explore your creativity. You may choose a stain grade, or a paint grade selection of lumber for your cabinetry.

Stained Finish
Stains range from light to dark and from opaque to almost transparent. The staining process involves applying the stain uniformly to the wood surface and wiping off the excess so that the desired color saturation is achieved. Different woods stain differently—the overall color and shade is a result of a combination of the stain and properties of the wood. Stains enhance the inherent beauty of each wood type. Natural characteristics such as wood grain, mineral streaks and knots become more prominent, which may create lighter or darker effects in the color.

Stain w/Glaze
Glaze is a semi-transparent color that is applied over the stain for added depth and dimension. Along profiles and corners, the glaze highlights and accentuates the carved details of the cabinet door. We offer a full-coverage glaze which is sprayed and wiped over the entire surface and tints the base stain color, and an “Accent” glaze that is applied only along profiles and edges. Glaze is an artistic, hand-applied cabinet finish technique that will exhibit subtle and unique variations.

Paint w/Glaze
A base paint is applied to the wood for consistent color coverage. A flood coat of glaze is then applied and hand-wiped, leaving behind soft tones in the corners and recesses of the door. Next, a highlight glaze is brushed into the corners and recesses by hand to emphasize the subtle variations in color. The initial flood coat of glaze softens the original base color. The highlight glaze increases visual depth and interest in the corners and recesses. Glazing is a finish process that involves two hand-detailed techniques, so no two doors look exactly alike.